Retinal Imaging


  • If you are diabetic, saving your sight should be a priority - it is very important that you have an eye exam once a year
  • Diabetic retinopathy is one of the most common eye diseases and a leading cause of blindness worldwide
  • Poorly controlled diabetes causes damage to the small blood vessels in the retina. You may not detect any symptoms, but as the damage to small blood vessels progresses, blindness is possible. If you are already experiencing symptoms, it is too late; you need to act earlier
  • A simple test can help detect problems early, even if you have no symptoms, and can save your sight.
  • The DRS by CenterVue allows you to have your vision checked by your eye care doctor, your primary care physician, or your pharmacy. If problems are detected, you will be referred to an ophthalmologist.
  • The screening takes less than one minute and is completely painless. Your pupils won’t even need to be dilated. The test can be performed during your regular yearly check up using an instrument called DRS
  • CenterVue has a bold vision for your sight: we want to help prevent blindness by making early detection easy, simple, and affordable.


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